BALance Technology Consulting

BALance key personnel earned their professional experience by working directly and indirectly for the maritime industry for more than 20 years. Since 1996, as consulting firm based in Bremen, Germany, BALance offers on the basis of profound knowledge of maritime industries expert studies and services for industry and governmental bodies on strategy, markets, policy support, coaching, project management, assessment of economic potential, innovation management and innovation development, process analysis and as well special software solutions including implementation. This also includes products for distributed information management, e.g. realised as combined internet/intranet solutions for companies, associations or other globally distributed organisations. Functions comprise virtual working suites to administer members, documents, events as well as news rooms, discussion for and product databases. BALance customers comprise industrial companies of different branches (steel production, shipbuilding, automotive, aerospace, supply industry) and governmental organisations.

BALance actually employs 19 persons, including 14 academics with degrees in naval architecture, mechanical engineering, production engineering, electrical engineering, informatics, international management, economics, law and medicine. About half of the academic employees are basically working as consultants and project managers, whereas the other half is involved in IT development. Beyond that BALance has a worldwide network of experts and co-operation partners which will be consulted and/or integrated on a case-by-case basis.

BALance is coordinating the project and will also assess the project results using the Life Cycle Performance Assessment method together with the related software tool.

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