Flooding Risk Model

The main goal of this workspace is to develop a framework to enable different independent software components and tools to be linked and used under a described process to provide application-specific solutions in support of life-cycle flooding risk assessment and management.

To facilitate and achieve this goal, the following specific objectives will be targeted and addressed:

  • To set-up a process to link with defined interfaces pertinent software, already available in the FLARE partnership and used by the maritime industry, adding other software as required and made available in the course of the project;
  • To develop and implement a tiered system of damage stability and survivability assessment to facilitate and nurture life-cycle flooding risk assessment and management in the EU passenger ship industry with the view to establishing a framework to co-ordinate and orchestrate this development;
  • To provide this framework with a clear process, guidelines and training to end users on how to utilize this to address each life-cycle phase, with focus on how each phase will facilitate more effectively crisis management in flooding emergencies;
  • To utilize this framework to guide the development and selection of active and passive RCOs in the workspace “Mitigation of Flood Risk” and to enable the development of live risk monitoring on board ships within that workspace for more effective risk management and control in emergencies;
  • To make available this framework to end-users, namely yards and operators;
  • Assist the yards in workspace “Risk-Based Design Demonstrators” to select and evaluate cost-effectiveness of the FLARE derived RCOs for ship design (yards) and operation (ship owners) with emphasis on emergencies as well as workspace “IMO recommendations for a risk-based regulatory framework” in the preparation of suitable documents for submission to IMO, incorporating both active and passive RCOs to support life-cycle flooding risk assessment and management.


Here you can download the reports of this workspace: 

Deliverable 5.14 " Flooding_Risk_Model.pdf"

Flooding Risk Model Flooding Risk Model Flooding Risk Model

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