Risk-Based Design Demonstrators

One of the main objective of this workspace is the calculation of flooding risk according to the Framework developed in workspace “flooding risk model” and the implementation of the mitigation measurers of the flooding risk identified for designs in the workspaces “damage accident modelling beyond current statistics” and “mitigation of flood risks’. For this purpose, all the sample ships defined in “initial data collection, collation, analysis and management” will be investigated.

In this regard, the costs for implementation of flooding mitigation measurers are to be evaluated for on-board measures (operational) and tools investigated in workspace “mitigation of flood risk” as well as for design measures. 

Furthermore, the management of the operational/accidental flooding risk over the life-cycle of the vessel will be demonstrated in the second part of this workspace, by means of two virtual demonstrators, using one cruise ship and one RoPax.

As a parallel activity, an enhanced CBA tool will be implemented. The new tool will allow putting safety, cost and environment into one picture in order to allow wider perspective in decision-making when assessing Risk Control Options.

The summary of the activities to be executed are given next:

  • New Flooding risk calculation on all sample ships defined within workspace  “initial data collection, collation, analysis and management” by use of the FLARE Framework, developed in the workspace ”flooding risk model”;
  • Analysis and implementation of Risk Control Options on each design with delta risk calculation;
  • Evaluation of costs for the implementation of mitigation measures examined in workspaces “mitigation of flood risk” and “risk-based design demonstrators”;
  • CBA tool enhancement to add environmental impact;
  • Operational/Emergency Response demonstration post flooding incidents.


Here you can download the reports of this workspace: 

Deliverable 7.1: Flooding risk calculation

Risk-Based Design Demonstrators Risk-Based Design Demonstrators Risk-Based Design Demonstrators

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